Basket Mouth Criticize Nigerians Over Text Message Abbreviations

Award winning Nigerian comedian Basket Mouth took to instagram to express his disappointment over Nigerians who used abbreviations to text. In his own words he posted: “Someone sent me a text this morning ‘xup B, ow u doin? Tanx 4 yestday, tlk l8r’
What would have happened if he completed the spelling? Will the phone melt? Will Trump resign? Can’t we just spell the way they taught us in school? To think that school fees are even more expensive nowadays. Everything is now abbreviated like its reducing exchange rates, now I have to read a 10 word message for over 40min to understand what the person is trying to say. ‘Watsup’ ‘Cme 2 ma ous lets ve drinks’ R u cming nau’ ‘ve bin mining 2 tel u dis’ habaaaaaa!!!!! With the way things are going, soon we might end up using smileys to communicate‍
…anywy ya’ll tk cr, l8r. Ve a gr8 day”


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