Barrister Narrates Neighbor Who Don’t Like Him Lands In EFCC Now Needs His Help

A Nigerian identified as Gafer us taken to his Twitter to narrate his experience with a neighbor who never offered his lift but got in trouble with EFCC and wanted his help.

According to @mynameisgafar, the neighbor never gave him a lift but was always hailing him on the road when he was trekking.

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He wrote,

My neighbor with fine lexus jeep, will always drive past me when I’m going to work. He’d honk at me and yell “My Barrister!” Sometimes when I’m coming back, the same thing.
Today I met him at EFCC office. This young man greeted me like 6x.
Oga I’ve heard you, we’d see at home!

True life story! This boy has not said he should carry me one day, like we are literally going to the same compound. It’s just to be shouting “My Barrister, My Barrister” then drive off.

“My Leader Sir” We go see for house, whenever that is.”

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