A lot of people think 2020 to be the start of a parallel universe. Just about everything has taken a different turn; from individual life style to health, career and even fashion and as some grapple for normalcy, others have come to terms with the delve towards absolute change. With this comes the adoption of other wardrobe staples to suit simplicity and comfort.

Baggy pants is a prime example of such. These are urban style loose fitting trousers that are mostly worn by creatives ; dancers, hip-hop artists, photographers and the likes of them.

Now, it’s important to understand that while it affords you a level of freedom, comfortability and self-expression, some do not approve of this trend and if you’re looking to make a first impression or dressing for work, this particular fashion statement may not sit well with the situation, so you would probably want to wear a more form fitting pant.

A conversation with @Marv.pee (Marvelous Isaac) who has over 6000 instagram followers, a prolific and breathtaking dancer who has been featured in popular music videos including Olamide’s viral ‘Loading’ video gives us insight on why he would go for baggy pants anytime.

‘One of the reasons I choose baggy pants as my go to appearance is that they are free and easy o wear, it’s a ‘get to go’ kind of pants.

Aside that it enables flexibility for dance, i wouldn’t want to use pants that would tear when I do acrobatics or stunts. Baggy pants are more reliable and durable. They’re also stylish, as I like the old fashion feel, I mean, It absolutely brings back the culture. If you watch old performers like Michael Jackson and Usher, you’d hardly see them wear skinny jeans, they’d almost always wear bell bottoms and baggy pants are similar to those.


I see that and I like to feel I have that same old spirit.

Another reason though cheeky, is that when others struggle to take off their pants when you’re home and ready to rest, yours just slip off seconds and it gives you that relief’. Ha! ha!

I think it basically just fits with anything and in any space as a creative. So baggy over skinny pants any day, any time and any where. I’m Marvelous Isaac and this is what I like; ‘Baggy Pants’

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