A tragic event happened last night in Manchester England as attendees of an Ariana Grande concert were attacked by a suicide bomber. The attack occured as people were trying to leave the venue after the concert had been concluded.

So far 22 people have been confirmed dead while over 50 are injured. What is hurting the world the most is that children and teenagers are among the casualties.

Ariana Grande, whose concert at the Manchester Arena was targeted in an attack on Monday night, has joined other celebrities in expressing horror at the events.

The American pop star, who was not hurt in the blast, tweeted that she was “broken” by news of casualties.

The rapper Nicki Minaj, a friend of Grande whose vocals are included on her reggae-pop song Side to Side, was among the other celebrities and pop stars who reacted to Monday night’s attack as well as Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Lorde and other musicians who have taken to twitter to voice their greif.


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