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A resulting hue from the combination of red and yellow, orange is one of the warmer shades of the colour wheel. When it comes to styling orange, it isn’t the easiest colour to pull off as the wrong pairing can end up making you look like a fashion victim.


Colour is a bright, happy, energetic and uplifting hue that tends to draw a lot of attention hence it is used in advertising and traffic signs. In Feng Shui, it represents fire. It is also a colour that is linked to the beauty of the setting sun, Autumn, and not to forget the TV series Orange Is the New Black.

Olawumi ‘Olarslim’ Adewale

Its like other colours come in different shades. From the darker shades like Terracotta that offer a sense of comfort to lighter shades such as Atomic Orange that are soothing and healthy, it has proven to be a fun colour to wear. However, my preferred shade is burnt orange seeing as it is a safer choice to style.

Style tip:

Orange can be paired with itself in varying shades for a monochromatic look. Depending on how muted or how loud you want your overall look to be, it can also be paired with gold, brown, white, black, blush, aqua, blue, red, grey, navy and cream.

As always, if unsure about how this colour would look on you, you can start out by accessorising with orange jewellery or even a scarf then gradually build your style to obtaining a monochromatic look.

If you are daring and want all eyes on you, then pair your orange with equally bright shades like green, purple, pink or yellow for that dramatic effect.

Ready to add this vibrant shade to your wardrobe? Here are 18 GSM-approved ways to wear orange…

Start with Orange Accessories

How to style Orange

OG Okonkwo

How to style Orange

Blair Eadie

Olawumi ‘Olarslim’ Adewale


Pair with Nude / Tan Shoes

How to style Orange

Blue Mbombo

Monochrome with a Twist

How to style Orange

Chelsea Ward

How to style Orange

Chic Ama

Orange x PVC / Clear Shoes = Winning Look!

How to style Orange

Kylie Jenner

Go bold! Pair it with pink!

Ariyiike Owolagba

Rubey Lalia

Over Denim, Of Course!

Jennie Jenkins

Layer Like A Boss Chick

Blair Eadie

How to style Orange

Alanna Doherty

Shiona Turini

Orange Athleisure; Why Not?

How to style Orange

Nancy Isime

How to style Orange

Zubeida Shirwa

Vanessa Matsena

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