Apple Plans To Redesign iPad Pro, High-end iMac, New Mac Pro, and More for 2022

In 2022, Apple intends to remodel several of its devices as well as add new supported features.


The entire year of 2021 was a whirlwind for Apple. They unveiled new Apple Silicon-powered Macs, the iPhone 13 series, and other products. Needless to say, the IT behemoth accomplished a great deal this year.

Looking ahead to next year, 2022, the corporation faces a slew of demands.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman detailed what he expected from Apple in his monthly Power on newsletter. Their rumored plans to reveal new redesigns for several of their products, as well as new functionality for its operating system.

Gruman broke down and verified the majority of what had previously been reported about what people might expect from Apple in 2022 in his newsletter.

Gurman confirmed that Apple’s reported revamp is in the works. Notably, he stated that Apple is planning to produce a new iPad Pro design that will feature wireless charging. The business also intends to refresh the entry-level iPad and the lower-end iPad Air.

Furthermore, Apple is working on a revised MacBook Air for 2022, which will join the updated high-end iMac with Apple Silicon. A new entry-level MacBook Pro is apparently on the way.

In addition, in 2022, Apple plans to offer a new Mac Pro and Mac mini.

In terms of the Apple Watch, Gurman anticipates three new models from Apple, including an improved Apple Watch SE and an updated basic model. He also anticipates a ‘ruggedized version’ aimed at extreme sports participants.

Apple’s New Releases in 2022

Apple Planning Five New Macs for 2022, Including Entry-Level MacBook Pro  Refresh - MacRumors

Furthermore, Gurman provided a comprehensive summary of what he and Apple fans might expect in 2022, stating: “Apple product upgrades were modest in 2021, but I predict a broader selection of new goods in 2022. Let’s go over what I predict to happen next year, one by one.”

  • A new iPhone 14 lineup
  • A new AirPods Pro earbuds
  • An iPhone SE that supports 5G
  • A revamped Mac Pro, together with Apple Silicon
  • A new version of entry-level Macbook Pro and Mac mini
  • A big MacBook Air revamp with new designs and additional M2 chip
  • An introduction to Apple’s first mixed virtual and augmented reality headset
  • A redesigned high-end iMac with Apple silicon placed above the new 24-inch model
  • A new design for iPad Pro, supporting wireless charging. Plus, more updates to entry-level iPad models and iPad Air.
  • A number of three new Apple Watches that will include new Apple Watch SE, another updated model, plus a ruggedized version intended for sports athletes

These are some of the expectations Apple users should expect. But although there were no official announcements from Apple yet, these are additional upgrades, features, and products that Apple confirmed to have been working on for 2022.