Anna “Delvey” Sorokin set to begin her own unscripted series titled ‘Delvey’s Dinner Club’

Anna “Delvey” Sorokin has announced she will be working on her own unscripted series titled  ‘Delvey’s Dinner Club’.

While still under house arrest, the Russian-born “fake heiress” would host dinner parties at her East Village residence in New York City with “celebrities, moguls, and glitterati.”

She will cover a variety of topics with her guests, including her interactions with the criminal justice system, how she will be rehabilitating her reputation after being branded a con artist, her aspirations for the future, and her seclusion while under house arrest during the day.

“There’s nothing like the experience of bringing together a curated group of friends to share life stories and enjoy a great culinary experience,” Delvey, who just turned 32, said in a press release.

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