Ric Hassani’s ability to tastefully style a combination of Ankara prints with corporate designs consistently, has given him the top model ‘stepping out of a magazine’ look.

Ric, born Eric Ahiauzu, has boldly and amazingly strayed from the regular, and created a niche for himself, not only in the music industry, but in the fashion space as well.

With his well tailored outfits, the ‘Gentleman’ singer never ever goes wrong with his coming out. Whether in a complete denim outfit, a suit, a casual attire, or in Ankara prints. His style has gone all the way to prove the extensive versatility of the Ankara fabric and strongly kicked against the notion that there are only limited styling options for Ankara. In fact, i believe our ancestors looking down and seeing what he does with their fabric invention must feel proud and boastful amongst their colleagues up there, because it really is a wonder! Haha!😂

Six out of ten times, you’re likely to see Ric in sophisticated western inspired outfits made with African prints, from a simple Ankara bow tie, to jackets with matching pants, to western jackets itch Ankara collars , to a colorful tie and dye shirt, His creative style always leaves you wanting more.

Ric Hassani is indeed the ‘AFRICAN GENTLEMAN’, has created a standard for the term as nobody beats him at it; we have not even yet seen anyone come close.

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