Angelique Kidjo’s Grammy Award-winning album “Djin Djin” and unique reinterpretation of the Talking Heads’ album “Remain in Light

Angelique Kidjo’s Grammy Award-winning album “Djin Djin” and her reinterpretation of the Talking Heads’ album “Remain in Light” are both significant milestones in her career. Let’s delve into each of these projects:

Angelique Kidjo
Angelique Kidjo

“Djin Djin” – Grammy Award-Winning Album:

“Djin Djin,” released in 2007, marked a triumphant moment in Angelique Kidjo’s career by winning the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary World Music Album in 2008. The album showcases Kidjo’s ability to blend various musical styles, including West African, Caribbean, and Western pop influences. It features collaborations with a diverse range of artists, such as Peter Gabriel, Josh Groban, and Ziggy Marley. Read also 

The album’s title, “Djin Djin,” refers to the sound of a bell ringing in celebration. The tracks on the album tackle themes of unity, empowerment, and social justice. The song “Ae Ae” addresses the plight of child soldiers, while “Gimme Shelter” emphasizes the importance of providing aid to those in need. Overall, “Djin Djin” is a testament to Angelique Kidjo’s dedication to using her music to address important global issues. Read also 


“Remain in Light” – Reinterpretation of Talking Heads’ Album:

Angelique Kidjo’s reinterpretation of the iconic Talking Heads’ album “Remain in Light” was released in 2018. The original album, released in 1980, is known for its innovative fusion of new wave, funk, and world music elements. Kidjo’s version pays homage to the album’s pioneering spirit while infusing it with her own unique Afrobeat and West African influences.

By reimagining “Remain in Light,” Angelique Kidjo highlights the album’s cross-cultural connections and showcases her ability to bridge different musical traditions. The reinterpretation offers a fresh perspective on the original songs, such as “Once in a Lifetime” and “Born Under Punches,” incorporating African rhythms, languages, and instrumentation.

Kidjo’s reinterpretation of “Remain in Light” received widespread acclaim for its bold and creative approach to a classic album. The project underscores her role as a global musical ambassador, bringing different cultures together through her music.

In both “Djin Djin” and her interpretation of “Remain in Light,” Angelique Kidjo demonstrates her musical prowess, her commitment to addressing important social issues, and her ability to infuse her unique African identity into her work. These projects exemplify her status as a trailblazer in world music and a powerful advocate for cultural exchange and unity.

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