Angel reveals real reason she came to Big Brother Naija

Angel Agnes Smith, one of the female housemates for the 2021 big brother reality show, has revealed the real reason she came for season 6 of the reality TV show.

According to Angel, she came to Biggie’s house in order to avoid her toxic family.

Angel who made this known during a conversation with other housemates said they only gave her money but failed to invest in her emotionally and mentally as a child.

Angel said she came to Biggy’s house for stability, adding that she was always on the move trying to remove herself from her toxic family and couldn’t explain to people that she was running away from them.

“Emotionally, my family wasn’t there for me when my boyfriend died.

“My house was toxic; that’s why I’m here. I came here for stability. I was always on the move trying to remove myself from my toxic family and I couldn’t explain to people that I was running away from them.

“They put me through so much and I’m only 21. They provided money, but I’m smart enough to know that money is the least of a child’s problem. I mean it’s important but there’s so much more.

“You have to invest emotionally and mentally and they never gave me these two things. I’m just looking for stability to be away from all the shit I went through on my own. You never know what anyone is going through till you walk in their shoes,” she said.