Angel Obasi Is An Absolute Show Stopper In This Adire Dress

Angel Obasi whose professional name online is @styleconnaisseur is by far one of Africa’s best and most prominent style influencers.

She has dedicated her vast fashion platform to representing, pushing and promotion African brands.

Where most style influencers will switch to mainstream Western brands at a particular level of popularity, Angel has stayed true to bringing the juiciest fashion flavours of Africa from all corners of the world.

Her recent look might not be the ultimate look to some, but it definitely shattered style barriers for us.

The fashionista took to her instagram page yesterday to share with us her latest look and the combination was eye popping.

Angel served an adire (tye and dye) Nigerian shirt dress by Dressathon Lagos of which she seems to be the face off.

However, it was more than the outstanding top that blew us away. Her combination with her stunning purse (branded by her) and lastly topped off with her bowler hat and shades.

Just nothing but perfection. Enjoy the look below.

Dress: @dressathon.lagos
Purse: @thestyleconnaisseur
Hat: @africandesignersmall

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