Question 1-What was it like growing up as a kid?

Growing up, I went through different stages and different phases in my life.. Before my Dad passed away in 1999, life was very comfortable and smooth.I grew up in Jos and my parents taught me a lot about religion, made sure I went to school and as a kid i always attended  all the school activities such as church retreats, picnics, mountain climbing and all that.. After my dad died things changed and became a little bit different and I saw a little bit of the hard part of life and struggles.

Question 2-Has music always been a passion for you or was it a flare you picked up?

I wouldn’t say Music has always been what I wanted to do because I remember that at some point as a kid, I wanted to be a soldier and at some point I wanted to be a doctor.. Music found me when I got into Secondary school and I started miming and choreographing some popular Hip hop songs at social nights in school.


Question 3-How did you come about with the name Ice prince?

The name ice prince came about when i was  in my secondary school in SS2 and I went to school one day wearing this big DMX ruff Ryder chain that had so much bling and stones on it(back then the word iced out was the term used).. And a new student who had just come to my class decided to call me Ice  because he did not know what my real was and that was how it stuck.. The “prince” randomly joined the name years later.

Question 4-The music industry in Nigeria has become versatile and competitive with time,what challenges do you face as an artist?

I am really the type of artiste that takes things as they come and i am always ready to go through the whole experience and keep learning so I really don’t see the challenges.. I already know I’m in an industry that is maybe not no 1 in the world yet, but the growth is evident and everyday we just keep getting better. 

Question 5-The song “Oleku” featuring Brymo was a smash hit all over the country and in Africa,I must say.Did you think it was going to be this popular?

It was a hit all over the world.To be honest nobody could have seen the limit of that song and at the beginning we thought we had just made an OK song but till date, Oleku still breaks boundaries every now and then and I still can’t say how far the song is going!! All I can say is God bless Me, Brymo and Jesse Jagz! We made a classic. 



Question 6-Can you tell us which countries you have performed in all over the world?and what has been the reception so far?

I have performed in 28 countries and 4 continents and all I can say is all  Glory be to God, I am Humbled.

Question 7-If you were not in the music industry or an artist,what would have been your  other future prospect?

I probably would have been into real estate which is something my mum taught me before she passed away and it’s something i still intend to do and of course continue my Foundation ‘the Zamani foundation’ which is still a baby project.

Question 8-In the past few months,your music has become International and you were nominated for best International Act Africa at the BET{Black Entertainment Television}awards in Los Angeles,USA with other popular African Artists in which you emerged the winner.How did you feel and did you expect to win this award?

I felt truly exasperated and excited the whole time from when I got the news for the nomination and I did not expect it  because after I was nominated last year for the same award I  had lost. I thought that was it for me and BET! But it also made me feel like a lot more is expected of me and I like the determination and fire it has put in me! 

Question 9-Can you tell us about some of  your works and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the International music Industry?

I recently recorded music with French Montana, Wale from the US. Chipmunk from London, Vince Kidd from London, Cornelius from France, Liquid Deep from South Africa, Sunny Neji just to mention a few.And these are all names that you should be seeing on my new album.

Question 10-What are your future plans as Ice prince Zamani and where do you see your music in the next 5yrs?

I plan to make Music and improve into being amongst the greats and also bring up a lot of talents to show to the world, maybe get married as well lol (laughing out loud)…. And in 5yrs, well I’m not Nostradamus and I don’t see the future but I pray that God keeps the music alive 

Question 11-As a young bachelor who has done very well for himself,how are you able to juggle female attention and are you in a relationship at the moment?

Yes I am in a relationship and I won’t mention who but as for the female attention, I’m even too busy for the females to get it.. 

Question 12-Can you tell us a typical Ice prince Fashion and Style?

I feel comfortable in a lot of Urban wears but I still try to throw in the casual or smart look once in a while.. I have a stylist called Sneaker boy who mostly tells me what’s hot or not and also what to wear.



Question 13-Who is your Role model?

I actually have a few role models not just one, but then my Parents and then MI top it.


Question 14-Quote of the day.

Life goes on…..


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