American singer, R-Kelly faces another trial in Chicago

American Singer, R-Kelly have been charged with a new case in Chicago.

He is accused of intimidating and buying off a girl with whom he allegedly had sex on camera when she was under the age of 14. He is said to have done this when he was around 30.

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Today is the start of jury selection for the new trial.

In 2008, a jury found Kelly not guilty of all counts; some of the jurors later stated that they felt compelled to do so since the girl had declined to testify.

The lady, who is now in her 30s and is simply referred to as “Minor 1” in court documents, will serve as the government’s star witness in the next federal trial.

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Kelly, 55, is scheduled to appear in federal court in Chicago on Monday having already been given a 30-year jail sentence by a New York federal judge for claims that he used his prominence to sexually assault others in 2021.

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