Amazing health benefits of Pawpaw seeds

Pawpaw seeds have proven to be very effective as they contain vitamin C and other compounds which helps in reducing inflammation.

Pawpaw seeds in particular include nutrients that support kidney function, prevent renal failure, and aid in the healing of liver cirrhosis. Its anti-inflammatory characteristics aid in the treatment of joint and arthritic conditions.

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Additionally, carpaine, an alkaloid found in pawpaw seeds, kills intestinal worms and amoeba parasites. Additionally, the papain in them facilitates efficient protein digestion.

It heals liver disease (cirrhosis)

Owing to some of the vital nutrients contained in them, pawpaw seeds help heal cirrhosis of the liver. They also help to detoxify the liver and keep disease s at bay, by eating a small amount of regularly.

However, in other to treat liver cirrhosis with it, take 5 or 6 dried papaw seeds and grind them up or crush them and take them with lime juice.

Do this every day for thirty days.

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Pawpaw seeds kill bacteria and heal viral infections

Studies have shown that a few pawpaw seeds kill harmful bacteria like E. coli, Staphylococcus, and Salmonella.

They also help fight viral infections, dengue, and other diseases. Additionally, pawpaw seeds mixed with milk are an excellent cure for typhoid fever.

And in Costa Rica, papaw seeds have been extensively used to fight aga (a condition that causes a progressive decline in mental functioning).

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