Amazing Facts About The Super Talented Nigerian Comedian, Yemi Elesho & How He Rose To Fame

Real Name: Adeoye Adeyemo Elesho
Stage Name: Yemi Elesho

Date of Birth: September 14, 1989
Age: 32
Profession: Nollywood Actor and Comedian Nationality: Nigerian
Home State: Kwara State


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Adeoye Adeyemi Elesho, better known as Yemi Elesho, is a multi-talented Nigerian Comedian, yemi is from yoruba tribe who loves to use his dialect to portray comedy skit. He is the son of veteran Yoruba film actor Adewale Adeoye, popularly known as Elesho.


Yemi Elesho was born September 14, 1989 in Kwara state and he is the eldest son of the family, he studied at Lagos State Civil Service Junior and Senior Model University, Igbogbo, Ikorodu in 2002.


Adeyemi started performing at a young age. In Oyo State, he makes people around him laugh by saying something funny. He started hanging out with seniors like Baale, the town bosses started calling him to come to an event as comedian because everything he says always makes people laugh, but Yemi never shows up. I didn’t realize it was funny that everything he said made others laugh.

In 2002 Yemi Elesho was in JSS one at Ikorodu Lagos, when they started calling him by his Mc at a birthday party. Years later, Yemi was admitted to OAU, where he continued his acting and comedy career, but there’s nothing quite like Instagram, there’s a place called Chop & Finger in the school’s campus where people eat and watch videos while they eat, so they started showing Yemi Elesho comedies and that’s when the popularity started. Adeyemi is not only a comedian but also a stand up comedian, he has started anchoring school events/programs like traditional nights, dinners, freshman parties and so on. This brings him a lot of awareness and he became well known.


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Best Director of Photography at Yemm Nursery / Primary school Best Innovative Student at L.S.C.S.S. Model College, he also won an award at Adekunle Ajasin University in Ondo State (AAU)

Yemi Elesho’s net worth is estimated at $100,000, as at the time of writing this content.

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