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Jonathan Bryan Guinness , third Baron Moyne is a personality and finance manager. An individual from the Guinness family, he is the senior of the two children of Bryan Guinness, second Baron Moyne and his first spouse Diana Mitford (later Lady Mosley), and until his retirement was a dealer investor for Messrs Leopold Joseph.

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Early life

Jonathan Guinness was instructed at Eton College and the University of Oxford. He filled in as a writer and afterward as a vendor broker. From 1970 to 1974 he was a Leicestershire County Councilor.

Moderate party

Master Moyne twice remained as Parliamentary Candidate for the Conservative Party, including the Lincoln by-appointment of 1973, remarkable for the appointment of Dick Taverne.

Monday club

He was a long-standing and early individual from the Conservative Monday Club, serving on a few of its councils. He was an individual from the Club’s Executive Council in 1971, when he became Chairman of their ‘Activity Fund’, and chose National Chairman on 5 June 1972, warding off difficulties from Richard Body MP, and Timothy Stroud. The Guardian and The Times alluded to his political race as “a conservative triumph”. At the Club’s Annual General Meeting in April 1973 Guinness held the Chairmanship for one more year, overcoming George Kennedy Young. In mid-1974 he was welcome to address Conservative understudies at Portsmouth Polytechnic, yet was kept from doing as such by dissenters.

On 10 October 1989, at the Conservative Party Conference, he led a disputable periphery meeting coordinated by the Young Monday Club, promoted as The End of the English? – Immigration and Repatriation . Different speakers were MPs Tim Janman and Nicholas Budgen.

As Chairman of the Club’s Race Relations and Immigration Committee, he additionally composed that very month to all Club individuals; “There has been a ton of badly thought out tumult following occasions in China, asking the public authority to correct the British Nationality Act in order to give the right of UK home to multiple million individuals from Hong Kong who hold British identifications. At the hour of composing the public authority has remained firm on this, however it is feeling the squeeze. On the off chance that you have not previously done as such, kindly keep in touch with your M.P., your neighborhood and public papers, or the Prime Minister communicating support for the public authority’s stand. Keep in mind, an identification isn’t a home grant, however a movement report; and think about the sheer actual weight of lodging and obliging an abrupt inundation of this size.”

He was likewise Club Vice-Chairman until late 1990 when he was supplanted by Andrew Hunter, MP.

personal life

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Master Moyne has been twice hitched, with kids:

1) 1951 (separated 1963) Ingrid Wyndham (later Lady Kelvedon) who passed on in 2009 and by whom he had two children and a little girl.

2) 1964 Suzanne Lisney, later known as Sue, Lady Moyne (d. 2005 of cellular breakdown in the lungs), by whom he had a third child and a subsequent girl.

He likewise had a courtesan, Susan (‘Shoe’) Taylor (1944–2003), and a further three youngsters by her. To deflect an outrage Guinness distributed Shoe – The Odyssey of a Sixties Survivor in 1989. Later which, The Sun paper (6 July 1989) ran a twofold page article with pictures entitled Always a Mistress – Never the Bride .


Ruler Moyne has the accompanying youngsters:

By Ingrid:

1. 1. Hon. Catherine Ingrid Guinness (b. 1 June 1952), who wedded 1stly 1983 (separated 1988) James Donald Charteris, Lord Neidpath (b. 1948), just enduring child and main beneficiary of the Earl of Wemyss and March, by whom she has issue 1 child and 1 little girl. She wedded 2ndly 1990 Robert Fleetwood Hesketh (d. November 2004) by whom she has issue three youngsters, including twin little girls. She filled in as PA to Andy Warhol.

2. 2. Hon. Jasper Jonathan Richard Guinness (9 March 1954 – 7 May 2011), who was hitched with two girls.

3. 3. Hon. Valentine Guy Bryan Guinness (b. 9 March 1959), the presumptive successor who is hitched to tote planner Lulu Guinness, née Lucinda Rivett-Carnac, and has issue, two little girls.

By Suzanne:

1. 1. Hon. Sebastian Walter Denis Guinness (b. 1964) who has been twice hitched, with no issue.

2. 2. Hon. Daphne Suzannah Diana Guinness (b. 1967), socialite, previous spouse of Spyros Niarchos (b. 1957), by whom she had three youngsters.

By Susan Taylor

1. 1. Diana Guinness (b. 1981)

2. 2. Aster Guinness (b. 1984)

3. 3. Thomas Guinness-Taylor (b. 1986)



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