Ajebutter22 Recounts Time Away From The Music Industry


Nigerian musician Ajebutter22 has reminisced on his time away from the music industry to focus on other things like tech.

During an interview with Dada Boy Ehiz through FaceTime on Apple Music 1, Ajebutter22 disclosed that he never felt distant from the entertainment industry until the deadly Corona virus hit every part of the globe.


He said:

“Me and BOJ dropped ‘Make E No Cause Fight’ volume 1 and 2 up until 2019, so I didn’t feel like I wasn’t making music, and in 2020 was like the COVID year so I didn’t really feel absent, but yeah I also withdrew a little bit from the music scene, because I was focusing on some things on the tech side.”

The rapper also discussed his transition from being an employee to becoming the boss.

He said:

“Before it was a lot easier because I was working in a company as an employee, and now I’m a CEO. It’s crazy doing that, being responsible for people, actually being the main man. It’s like being from a player on the team to being the captain. I’m the captain now, so it’s not easy.”

Ajebutter22 also talked about his album, “Soundtrack To The Good Life.” He noted that the project is about enjoyment, having fun, and living a soft life.

The rapper has fully returned to giving us great sounds like he used to, and we hope that he does not take another break. We love his songs, which usually reflect on living the good life.

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