Actress, Zoë Kravitz, Regrets Her Remark About Will Smith After He Slapped Chris Rock At The Oscars

American actress and model, Zoë Isabella Kravitz has reflected and expressed regrets about the remarks she made about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock in the face at the 2022 Oscar Academy Awards.

Glamsquad recalls that after the slap Zoe, 33, initially captioned a since-deleted picture post of her look from the March ceremony. She wrote,

“Here’s a picture of my dress at the show where we are apparently assaulting people on stage now.”

Along with her initial post on social media, Zoe wrote alongside a second photo at the time,

“And here is a picture of my dress at the party after the award show -where we are apparently screaming profanities and assaulting people on stage now.”

Her post sparked a backlash from Will Smith’s supporters. Some noted that when Will’s son Jaden was 15 and Zoe was 25, she told Extra that he was her “date” at a red carpet event and she jokingly called him the “love of my life.”

Social media users also unearthed a 2013 V magazine article where Zoe gushed about how “handsome” Jaden was at 14.

Zoe had just acted with Jaden and Will in a science-fiction called After Earth when she granted the interview in 2013.

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In her cover story for Wall Street Journal Magazine’s 2022 Women’s Fashion issue, she addressed some of the online backlashes she received for sharing her take on the incident. She said,

“It’s a scary time to have an opinion or to say the wrong thing or to make controversial art or statements or thoughts or anything.”

She added that,

“It’s mostly scary because art is about conversation. That should, in my opinion, always be the point. The internet is the opposite of conversation. The internet is people putting things out and not taking anything in.”

Zoë who is also a singer made her acting debut in the romantic comedy film No Reservations.

Her breakthrough came with portraying Angel Salvadore in the superhero film X-Men: First Class, which earned her nominations for a Teen Choice Award and a Scream Award.

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