Actress Nkiru Umeh recounts unpleasant experience she had 3 years ago with Sanwo-Olu

Nkiru Umeh

Nollywood actress, Nkiru Umeh has narrated the horrible experience she had 3 years ago with current Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

Nkiru Umeh posted heartbreaking images of AngelNikky’s beauty complex, the centerpiece of her expanding business that was destroyed in 2020 by the Abule Ado gas explosion.

On this day, the third anniversary of the tragic tragedy, Nkiru Umeh wrote a lengthy note outlining how the government usurped them through those trying times.

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The actress claims she lost assets worth N300 million and that she has not yet received the N2.5 million promised by the state governor to the explosion victims.

Nkiru Umeh also mentioned how the government officials demanded payment from her husband in order to gain access to their debris, which they then sold from their demolished properties.

In her words;

“15-03-2020 to 15-03-2023 dear Governor @jidesanwoolu today marks exactly 3 years hundreds of families lost their properties and some lost loved ones at the Abule ado explosion.

“On this day 3 years ago, my family recorded a loss of over N300m worth of properties and goods. Lives were lost. Properties worth hundreds of millions lost. You visited the sight. Took pictures and made promises that remain unfulfilled till this day.

“Politicians from different states and positions turned the sight to a studio for photoshoots, making empty promises. Traumatizing and harassing the already traumatized residents with their sirens and excorts. Lagos state gave 2.5m to families that lost lives Miraculously, my family lost no life. But in worth of properties, after Bethlehem College, my family recorded the highest loss as everything both in my house and my beauty complex burnt to ashes with no pin saved.

“I do not live in Abule ado nor have my business there anymore, but I still have friends there. I am still recovering from that huge setback. I fought and refused to give up and started my business again from scratch without any assistance from the government.

“@jidesanwolu, are you expecting votes from the heart broken residents of Abule ado Festac? The wickedness was so bad that even the debris from the buildings were sold by the government, and the owners of these buildings were not allowed to make a dime from the debris of their own buildings.

“In fact, my husband was told to pay a huge amount of money for them to leave the debris and rods from our own house for us to sell. Yes, it was that bad. On this day, 15th of March 2020, my family lost everything called property and was left with just the clothes on our body.

“How can I forget the day my family miraculously escaped death? The day I lost all my neighbours at home May their souls continue to Rest In Peace

“The day I lost my newly built beauty complex/fashion house with everything in it. Lost my cosmetics goods worth over N50m. It’s exactly 3 years today. 15th of March 2020- 15th of March 2023. @jidesanwoolu, you promised to come through, but you did not.

“Covid lockdown came right after that explosion. People were homeless on lockdown. @jidesanwoolu It was traumatizing and depressing. I hope it’s not too late to right these wrongs. Yes, NNPC negligence caused the explosion, but it happened in this lagos state that you govern, which was the reason you visited first. You made promises but didn’t keep to it.We saw hell, and hearts are still broken.”

See some photos below:

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