Actress, Miriam Margolyes Claims Arnold Schwarzenegger Farted in Her Face ‘Deliberately’ While Filming A Movie

Glamsquad reports that British-Australian actress Miriam Margolyes has revealed that her grudges with actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger have not ended.

In a recent interview on Australia’s, I’ve Got News For You podcast, the 81-year-old Harry Potter actress who was a co-star in “End of Days” with Schwarzenegger said she hasn’t forgiven him for farting in her face.

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This comes after she was asked to name one A-list celebrity she “didn’t enjoy working with” throughout her nearly 60-year career.

She said,

“I didn’t like the wrestler from Austria … what’s his name?” she began, as the hosts filled in the Arnold-sized blank.

“Yeah, didn’t care for him. He’s a bit too full of himself and I don’t care for him at all. He’s a Republican, which I don’t like and he was actually quite rude.”

“He farted in my face. Now, I fart, of course I do, but I don’t fart in people’s faces. He did it deliberately, right in my face,” she continued, claiming it happened while they were filming the 1999 action-horror movie.

“I can’t remember the date, but it was during the filming of end of days in los angeles and I was playing satan’s sister and he was killing me, so he had me in a position where I couldn’t escape, lying on the floor,” Margolyes continued. “and he just farted. it wasn’t on film, it was in one of the pauses, but I haven’t forgiven him for it.”

Aarnold starred in the movie as a police detective who’s thrown into the world of satanists after being tasked with protecting a woman (Robin Tunney) from being impregnated by the devil and giving birth to the antichrist. Gabriel Byrne played satan in the flick.

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