Actress, Mercy Aigbe Speaks On Murder of Alizee and Her Daughter

In what has to be the saddest news the entertainment industry has received, the death of upcoming singer Alizee is a shock to celebrities.

Though some did not know her, the circumstances that led to her death has reached close to home for some of the celebrities.

Following the alleged murder of Alizee and her daughter Petra by her husband Peter Nielsen, reports have surfaced about the singer being domestically abused while she was still alive. The family of the deceased singer has come forward with claims that Alizee was domestically abused by her husband for years before he allegedly killed her.

Nigerian celebrities have reacted to this news, taking to their different forms of social media to express their heartbreak over her death and justice for her.

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has also reacted to the news of the singer being domestically abused. As a person who has experienced the same thing, she voiced out her views.

Mercy Aigbe wrote on her Instagram page,

“It’s a Shame how people allow the society to dictate for them!!!! It is your life! And trust me your life matters!….. Pls flee from an abusive relationship/marriage, no one has the right to physically abuse their partner regardless!!!!!…. Talkless of taking another person’s life. I am so pained with this story I saw online, Jesus!!!! Why will someone take the life of his wife and beautiful innocent child! Why?
Pls if are reading this and you are in an abusive relationship/marriage pls run for your dear life before it’s too late! Let people say whatever they want to say, na dem get their mouth!!!!
Stop saying where will I start from? Stop saying I am staying because of the kids!!!…Stop making excuses, before it’s too late!!!!!…. Trust me you are stronger than you think and you are more useful to your children alive than be dead or disabled.”

View her post below.

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