Actress Jessica Orishane Speaks On Sex For Role In The Industry

Nollywood rising star and actress, Jessica Orishane is definitely the next big thing in the industry as she opens up on life as an actress.

The actress who is a known cast member of the TV series titled, My Siblings and I is here to stay and she is doing a good job at that.

KOKO TV had an exclusive interview with this awesome actress, Jessica Orishane, and revealed some of the struggles that young actors face, her journey so far in the industry, and also her take on sex for roles in the movie industry.

During the interview, Jessica made it clear her stance on sex for a role in the industry. She stated that yes it is true that some producers will not give you roles unless you sleep with and over the years she has been able to stay away from such producers.
When asked if the common rumor that people sleep to get roles in the movie industry, is true, and if she has seen it play out?

She replied saying; Well this is unfortunately very true. Its unfortunately very true even till this very day there are producers that would not give you roles unless you sleep with them.
Fortunately for me, I have not had a direct contact. I’ll say my earliest contact which is something I have not really spoken about was when I was, I was still a teenager.
I used to follow, you know I mentioned how I met some guys that started the whole teenage thingy and we used to create stuff here and there.
And then he was also an editor so most times I’d follow him to locations. And one particular day, I followed him to a set and then we met like the location manager that’s his friend and everything.
I’ve always been big for my age so I was like fifteen then but I’m pretty sure I looked nineteen, twenty. So maybe, maybe I’m just making an excuse for him. And then he literally cornered me into the toilet and wanted to harrass me and touch me. And was like what’s wrong with me, that in fact I should go and pack my box.
That he’s a  location manager, that any production, that, any location that he is the location manger that he will give me a role, all these kind of things. So things like this happen and I kid you not that there are girls that would actually fall for that and at the end of the day what role would they give you?
They’ll give you one waka pass role after you’ve given them your body. They will just say, ah director make she just waka pass enter this place. Ah,  director make she do palace maid. So its quite crazy, that’s a little scale. So imagine bigger scales. So it’s sad but true.