Actress Helen Aduru Covered in Blood As EFCC Operatives Allegedly Beat Her Up in Her House

Helen Duru, an actress, has accused EFCC agents of assaulting her in her Enugu apartment, glamsquad reports.


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The actress, who posted a video of herself covered in blood and with a fractured skull, claimed that security operatives tried to break into her apartment late at night and that she was never a person of interest and that those who attacked her never introduced themselves.


She also claimed that the operatives alternated beating her. She claimed they attacked her while speaking in Hausa and chanting “yamiri” repeatedly.


The actress stated;


Department of CCS This was done to me by the Enugu Zonal Command of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). precisely 02:53 I heard a noise in my compound and came out to my balcony to investigate. I saw some men but couldn’t identify them because it was still dark. They asked me to come down and open the staircase door when they saw me, which I ignored and hid. They were equipped with flashing lights. They insisted on me opening the stairwell door. I eventually went inside my house.

I heard a boy screaming and crying for help a few minutes later. My neighbor then called to alert me. I told her I was awake, and as we both emerged from our balconies (she lives on the first floor), the men began shouting at us to go inside or open the staircase gate. The next thing we knew, they were causing damage to the staircase door and gaining access. I went into my room and shut the door. Two men climbed to my flat, smashed my two doors, broke into my house, and began beating me. I was slapped first, prompting me to exclaim, “Jesus Christ!” They spoke in Hausa, but all I could hear was “yamiri.” The beating became more intense as they beat me in turns with a rod/stick (I’m not sure what it was) all over my body. One of them grabbed my USB phone cord and descended on me.

They continued to beat me while speaking in Hausa. I could feel their rage as I continued to yell Jesus. I was afraid for my life. Then I dashed into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. They try to push it down but the entrance was too slim for both of them. They exited my room.
When I noticed they had left my room, I assumed they had come on their own.

I tried to come down to inform whoever their superior was about what had happened, but another one saw me and took his instrument and repeatedly hit my head screaming “get out, go up.” I tried to explain why I had come down, but he made sure he repeatedly hit my head until I felt fluid dripping on my face. I wiped my face and noticed there was blood on it. (Continue from the pictures) Please repost this until it reaches the appropriate authorities.

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