Actress Amber Heard will argue 16 points in her appeal against Johnny Depp over their defamation trial

American actress, Amber Heard and her new legal team have filed a 16-point argument in her appeal against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp over their defamation trial, glamsquad reports.


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According to the documents filed to the Court of Appeals of Virginia, Heard, who owes Depp $10.3 million in damages, claims her ex-husband misled the jury into believing she was on trial for statement prior to her domestic abuse allegations.


Depp, who only owes Heard $2 million as a result of the trial, sued her for defamotory statements made in her 2018 Washington Post op-ed piece about sexual violence, which Heard said did not name Depp as an abuser directly.



Heard claimed the trial had a lack of ‘clear and convincing evidence’ for actual malice, the very standard of a defamation case, and called out the court’s alleged failure to invalidate the damages awarded to both her and Depp after ruling they both defamed each other.


‘Inherently and irreconcilably inconsistent,’ the appeal stated of the damages awarded to both.


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Heard’s 16-point argument begins with a claim that the heated defamation trial, which gripped the nation over the summer, should’ve been dismissed as is because it belonged in a more appropriate setting than Fairfax, Virginia.


Depp’s team had pushed for the trial to be held in Fairfax county because that is where the Post is printed.


Heard’s team also argued that the court erred in not allowing into evidence the fact that Depp lost a similar defamation trial against his ex-wife in the United Kingdom, and his statements following that loss.




They also condemned the court for allowing testimony about Heard’s lie that she donated $3.5 million to the ACLU from her divorce settlement despite telling the UK court that she had.


At the heart of her appeal was the claim that the court mistakenly allowed Depp to argue or suggest that damages could be awarded based on statements prior to the publication of the 2018 op-ed piece.

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