Actor Kevin Spacey ‘se3ually assaulted a stranger at his luxury holiday home

A court heard that American actor Kevin Spacey allegedly sexually assaulted a stranger at his opulent Cotswolds holiday home after driving a group of young men there for a ‘party’.

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The Oscar winner is reported to have brought a group he had met in a pub back to his leased home, where he had spread out 20-to-30 pre-rolled cannabis joints and instructed them to ‘help yourselves’.


Despite consuming double Jack Daniels and coke for several hours, the 63-year-old allegedly drove a group of six back to the drug-infested property where he is accused of groping a 23-year-old male.

According to the alleged victim, Spacey leaned in for a hug but then grabbed his crotch and kissed him on the neck, instructing him to “be cool.”


Shocked, he slammed him against a wall and fled the premises in tears, blaming the ‘panic’ of the Hollywood star.


The complainant had only met Spacey a few hours before in a pub frequented by celebrities such as Kate Moss and Gary Barlow, according to Southwark Crown Court in London.


The actor invited his friends to join him, and they drank for about three hours when Spacey allegedly stated, ‘If you want to carry on the party, I have drink, wine, and beer back at the house, plus a few spliffs.’


‘There were a couple occasions where he had put his hand on your back, (or) patted you on the back, or put his hand on your knee, or anything,’ the witness remembered.

‘It wasn’t anything we thought about too much, just moved to the side or pushed his hands away.’

While working as artistic director of The Old Vic theatre, Spacey rented a home on an elite private estate.


When the claimed victim arrived to the lakeside residence, he observed ’20-30′ joints strewn around in the living room and kitchen that’someone had rolled’ for him.


The claimed victim requested a jacket to smoke on the balcony outdoors.

‘I opened two or three doors, and the final door I opened, his small dog shot out, so I turned back and caught the dog,’ he remembered. I turned and shut the door behind me.

Kevin was only five yards away. ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to let your dog out,’ I said.

‘He made a hugging move towards me and added, ‘Don’t worry about it. It’s fine, it’s fine’.

‘Then we had an awkward man-hug, a pat on the back kind of thing, and it was then that he kissed down my neck twice, grabbed my crotch, and whispered, ‘Be cool, be cool’ twice.

‘I put my arm out and I pushed him into a wall and yelled; ‘Sorry I don’t bat for that team’.

‘He panicked, went into a room, and shut the door behind him.’


At 3 a.m., the ‘teary’ witness left and contacted his father.

‘I called my father in a panicked state. He inquired what was wrong, what had occurred, and that’s when I realised the date was April 1st, and he didn’t believe me.

‘It was April Fool’s Day, everyone would assume it was a joke,’ he explained to cops.


The victim claimed he was unable to watch Spacey’s films after the attack, but it became a ‘running joke’ among friends that he had been grabbed by an Oscar winner best known for his films American Beauty, the Usual Suspects, LA Confidential, and Baby Driver.


Between 2001 and 2013, Spacey is accused of committing out a dozen sex assaults on four younger men.


The defendant denies three charges of indecent assault, seven counts of sexual assault, one count of engaging in sexual behaviour without consent, and one count of engaging in penetrative sexual activity without consent.


The trial is still ongoing.

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