Accra Fashion Week Returns With Virtual Insanity

As the year get’s to a final wrap Accra is about to experience one of the leading fashion festivals Accra Fashion Week as it goes virtual from the 10th -13th December, 2020.

Preparations are underway to have a combination of virtual and a physical show with selected guests in attendance, however, it will also be streamed live across the Accra Fashion Week’s youtube page.

Accra Fashion Week C/R18 || Mark Johnson From UK

In preparation for the big Virtual event, official campaign sending the message for the virtual show was recently released online.

Everything You Need to Know About Accra Fashion Week

The video clearly gives a vivid description as to what Accra Fashion Week Virtual Insanity is going to be like, it would be recalled that due to the pandemic and city lockdown, the Chilly Rainy edition in March was cancelled with dates postponed to 10-13th December 2020, for a session dubbed VIRTUAL REALITY and so this is going to be a highly anticipated event where industry Practitioners, buyers, stylist, make-up artiste, editors and the industry would converge to celebrate the beauty of African fashion.

Everything You Need to Know About Accra Fashion Week

The virtual reality will set its path to open a new e-commerce approach to runway fashion & Design activities utilizing the online shopping space on the Accra Fashion Week website at

View the Video Campaign for the Virtual Insanity

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