“A whole Mrs. Churchill, Children will ‘Unslay’ you”- Rosy Meurer laments as she dumps her baby girl lifestyle

Rosy Meurer, a well-known actress, regretted how her son forced her to abandon the baby girl lifestyle.

Rosy Meurer and her husband are presently on vacation in pain, and she has never stopped posting some of their precious moments on social media.

Rosy Meurer

Rosy Meurer took to Instagram to post a video of herself supporting her son at the airport.

Rosy Meurer claims that her son interrupted her ‘Yanga’ (show off) when he requested to be backed up at the airport.

She captioned the video:

“Na so dem end my yanga. A whole Mrs Churchill This is what King @thereal_kingchurchill has turned me into for airport o. Enroute my next destination. Can you guess??”

Reacting to the video, actress Ufoma Mcdermott laughed over the video stating that children will always stop the baby girl lifestyle of their mothers.

dorenwin2021 wrote: Choi this boy why na no know say na oyibo land u dey Jesus

ufuomamcdermott wrote: This made me laugh so hard. Children will unslay you

porttable_tosh wrote: A mother will always be a mother… No cap its joy in it

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