A pin up girl is a model whose mass produces pictures, that were ‘pinned-up’ on the wall. It had wide appeal and quickly became a popular culture from the 1800s to date. These days Pin Up is still a culture, but incorporated in everyday life and not just photoshoots. From, make up to fashion, the 1800 culture is very profound in 2017.

Want to get that Pin-Up Girl look, you just need to focus on three areas;


Pin curls and victory rolls were a popular look for most pin-up girls. To get pin curls:

  • Dab gel onto the root of a small section of damp hair, then twirl that section of hair around your finger until you get to your scalp.
  • Slide your finger out of the curl and pin the curl to your head.
  • Repeat for your entire head of hair, allow hair to dry, then remove pins.

If you are not ready for all that dabbing and twirling, or if your hair is too short, get a wig.

After your hair is ready make sure to add an embellishment. A Pin-Up Girl’s hair is not done without a little accessory on the hair.  Keep it simple and minimal, but have some fun with it. Try a flower, bandana or a large bow.



Groom your eyebrows and make them pop. Shape your eyebrows and use a brush to make them neat, then fill them in with a matte powder that is two shades darker than your natural brow color. This creates drama without being garish.

Your eyes and lips are the major focal point of your Pin-Up Girl make over.

  • Depending on your skin tone, use a champagne colored eye shadow to your upper eyelid. Then contour with a darker neutral color and blend.
  • Use a black liquid eyeliner making sure it wings out at the corners of your eye, this is called the Cat Eye or the Bedroom Eye. Allow the eyeliner to dry.
  • Apply false lashed then apply 2 coats of lengthening and thickening mascara.

A Pin-Up Girls lips should be red, go as deep and as dark as your skin tome allows.

  • Outline the shape of your lips with a red pencil, and at the peak of your lips create a cupid bow “V”.
  • Fill in with lipstick that perfectly matched your lip pencil and blot.
  • Use a pencil to give yourself a small beauty make and a more glamorous look.

Don’t forget your nails, go for deep reds, reddish browns and pinks. Go for medium-length with tapered sides and pointed tips.

Take a look at the third step here PIN UP WARDROBE


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