“A man who loves you will borrow money to marry you”- Actress Christabel Egbenya

Nollywood actress, Christabel Egbenya stirs reactions because of a contentious statement she made on her YouTube channel about men and marriage.

A fan of the actress inquired how she would know whether her guy is actually serious about her and ready for marriage.

Christabel’s statement has set social media abuzz, as she stated that a man who truly loves his girlfriend and is ready to settle down will not be afraid to borrow money if necessary.

She said:

“One of my fans asked; how do I know that my boyfriend is serious and would want to marry me, because he has been telling me stories for years.

The year is about to end and he had told me he would come and see my people this December. Now he is saying, something came up, this and that..and I saw him spending a lot of money.”

“Men know when they want and when they see it they do the needful. I am telling you the honest truth. A man who’s in love with you and really wants to marry you, will not waste time to do that. He will even borrow money sef”

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