“A male or female child is an equal blessing from God”– Austin Faani advices

Austin Faani

Nollywood director and husband to actress, Chacha Eke has advised about the equality of having either a male or a female child as they are both blessings from God.

The film producer has requested that the Nigerian Ministry of Women Affairs develop ways to educate women so they won’t become depressed if they are unable to have a male child.

Austin Faani claims that in Nigeria, the search for a male kid might lead to a woman suffering from severe mental illness, necessitating the need for urgent sensitization.

He posted the following on his Instagram page on Wednesday;

“Having only female children & searching for a male child can cause a woman severe mental illness in Nigeria. Nigeria Ministry of women affairs should find ways to sensitize these women.

An information relief of sort, therapy maybe for both the man and the woman.


Replying a fan who asked him to consider a childless woman and advice her accordingly, he said;

“Everyone suffers one thing or another, some are broke, some are sick, some are childless etc. I shared an assertion on women with only female children in Nigeria. These women need to be re-educated that a male or female child is an equal blessing from God for a definite purpose and not the purpose of their(ignorant women) emotional attachment to the gender. I have a private ideology about female children that I can share with you.

Which is; “Female children have more emotional transaction with their parents than the male children and when you grow old, what you need most is emotional transaction not financial transaction. You can take care of yourself at old age if you make the right decision in your youth. Nigerian women need to be taught a lot just as they are taught to always pray. “

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