young-black-couple-in-love-378x400Whatever you do, you must always remember that a man will most likely go for a woman they are physically attracted to. And that applies for most men ma. So if you are looking for a meaningful relationship and you are doing nothing about how you look, what you wear, and what you eat, you better start doing that now, and I can say you will be glad you did.

You must also remember that there’s no man that is likely going to come and meet you in your room at home except God directs him to come to your house and enter your room to meet with you, and you can be sure that before he can even get into your house, come in and then force his way into your room, he must have been mistaken for a burglar, and beaten severely before you stop everyone realizing that God has shown his face to you in a dream before now. But while we face reality, you may need to step out a bit maybe more than you do right now. Don’t wait for invitations to come, ask some of your friends what’s happening for the weekend. Let them know you are open to invitations, and you will be surprised how many invitations you will begin to get. Don’t also assume you know what to wear, ask, and keep asking and you will be surprised that you and your wardrobe will start changing for the better. You need to go out. Let people know you are still much around. Remember to be out of sight is to be out of mind. Don’t be someone that nobody even remembers.

Learn to take yourself out as well, and make sure you enjoy yourself. Make yourself do things that will make you happy. People will tend to come around someone that is radiating with life than someone that is always looking like Cinderella’s ugly sisters all the time. So before you go about saying that the wrong people keep coming your way, try and find out if you have positioned yourself wrongly too.

When you are in a departmental store or supermarket, don’t spend too much time where they sell ladies things, but rather spend time in the place where you know there will be more men, like where they sell things for men. That will arouse the curiosity of the men in that corner and will probably want to talk to you and before you know it, you are increasing your network of male folks in your life, and probably the right ones too.


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