VICNATE design at the Arise Fashion Week
VICNATE design at the Arise Fashion Week

Welcome to Uniben the carpet of ultimate fashion where we create our own beauty and connect beauty to the brain as no one is too smart for fashion. Permit us to get you initiated because you’ve walked in through the front gates with lots of luggage’s to start a new life as one of us.
Almost every one of us knows what the word fashion means but only a few of us understands the language of fashion and only a few of the few of us listens to the voice of our fabrics.
Let’s travel back to the day you came to write your post UTME examination, and let me guess; you were dressed in blue skinny jeans and a nice body hug blouse or just a gown and a pair of shoes and as a guy, you were wrapped in a blues jean but with a black V-neck top and a black sneaker. Again, let me guess that I may have guessed wrongly but I sure got you thinking about your outfit which maybe you barely do because you think it doesn’t matter much and that again is the reason why you already have it at the edge of your imagination that on the day of your matriculation you will be dressed on a nice red flare gown, pair of black heels, red or gold jewellery, maybe a red ankle bag and a shiny hair that falls across your face as a girl and as a guy, you plan to stump in a completely black suit, a pair of black shoes as usual and a white shirtsleeve.
Snap out of it, try to be more fastidious, it’s not your high school prom so maybe you should try thinking a little more outside the box for a moment and listen to the voice of your fabric so as to understand the language of fashion, be the creator of your own beauty and erase those common perceptions about fresher’s fashion sense. People today value self-expression and freedom to make their own identity rather than fit into a mould, rules of fashion are few, yet quality and standard of fashion remain biding principle. The fashion world is growing into a place for mix and match where tradition meets English wears which makes

fashion very interesting, I mean, have you seen the latest Ankara suit or the new traditional Indian jacquards and silks
Don’t get me wrong, as most of us believe that we require extra-ordinary clothes, makeup and expensive outfit to appear gorgeous in the bid to be considered, a high-class personality with classy social relevance but permit me to remind you that nude is the new look, grey is the new black, simple is a new class and what’s trending is creativity. Don’t forget to always put on a smile, it compliments your face and leaves you looking like Cinderella and Prince Charming. As “Charles Gordy” quotes-“A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks”.
Fashion is a popular style practise especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, hair and body of trending style. Once a thing or style gets in vogue, it is blindly followed by students immediately. Boys now wear tight or as they call it skinny trousers, basic tees, chinos, embroidered shirts, polyester coat, of course, the latest small mushroom shirt as they call it and shoes like Dekalb, suede loafers, death chukka boots, urban art Crocco etc. girls have not lagged behind, rather they have gone a step ahead of boys as they now wear sack shirts, sweatpants, lululemon leggings, kimono, and all sorts of footwear…
The practice is perfection as seeing brings believe and here are Uniben’s fashion freaks in terms of individuality, departments, faculties as well as campuses and social handles.
For individuals one can check out;
“Miss Davidson Ebere Deborah AKA Miss Fresh Deluxe Uniben, an ISD student, Mhizdd@IG
“Celia Daniels from the department of Engineering, Celiangels@IG,.”

Best Ehigimetor, studies Pharmacy, godbest19@IG.
Francis Morgan from the Department of Economics and Statistic.
If you’re in the department of international studies and diplomacy then you’re on the right track of beauty plus brain as Uniben has it that the most beautiful ladies and fashion freaks are found there, also, the department of law is well known to be the combination of both classy and decency. Faculty of Arts as the name implies has developed their artistic vision not only as a profession but in lifestyle as they are regarded as the best faculty in terms of fashion, and not to forget the best of the best fashion campus which happens to be the popular Ugbowo campus. Finally, if you’re in search of a social handle fashion page in Uniben, then you must be searching for Uniben fashion police, Uniben edu fashion,
Uniben campus fashion……and some others, just as I said earlier, we create our own beauty.
Never leave home without examining yourself in front of a mirror. Fashion crisis is inevitable so, be fastidious
Dress to let your outfit do the speaking No one is too smart for fashion


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