Check Out The Puff Bubble Ponytails Hair-Do Making Waves Across Africa

We can’t ignore the fact that afrotails are slightly trending, and just to be clear, the real term is afro puff bubble ponytails, but that is a mouthful so let’s stick to afrotails for now. The afrotails hairdo is not new and far from it, but it is making a serge amongst African ladies more than ever.

It may be the Beyonce ‘Back to her roots’ inspired flavor that’s breaking out the look. Whether it will be long-lived or short-lived is all depending on the maintenance of the hairdo just as all other hairstyles with African women. After all, it won’t be easy to regain the round curves of the afrotails once you have had one or two good nights sleeping on them.

Never the less, the beautiful trend is no different from the fabulous generic ponytail but with a bit more finesse and culture. Although not many of the black style influencers on instagram have hopped on yet, as they are still heavily indulged in their gucci bags and straight hair weaves, for now here are some fabulous images from the streets.

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