7 Gorgeous Ankara Outfits Nancy Isime Look Exceptional In

TV presenter and actor Nancy Isime always has a way of looking gorgeous in anything she wears some may even say she is a goddess!
Anytime she wears an Ankara outfit, she looks casual and refreshing.
Here are 7 outfits that stands out;
1.Aztec princess
For her co-host gig for Global Citizen Live, she opts for this Aztec print gown by Erica Moore Brand. The makeup art around her eyes adds to the African aesthetic.

2. Casual tunic
Nancy is fancy in this Ankara tunic that is perfectly laid back for casual occasions.

3. Two-piece
Nancy looks beautiful as always but she look great in a two-piece Ankara short and shirt made with different prints.

4. Crop top and fab
Nancy glisters in this two-piece Ankara crop top and shorts.

5. Ankara maxi
Afrikayla made this Ankara maxi dress and it looks so comfortable

6. Adire mini skirt
An adire mini skirt always exceptional on a beautiful body! As Nancy is rocking this mini skirt with a beautiful bow made by 2207 by T Bally.

7. Casual and colorful

Another Ankara mini skirt, paired with a white off-shoulder ruched top and an Ankara hairband.

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