6 Looks That Made Jane Birkin The Perfect Style Muse

Jane Birkin once told British Vogue that Jean Shrimpton was her beauty muse. But for countless women around the world – then and now – the English actor and singer was the poster girl for swinging ’60s and bohemian ’70s style.

At home in both a classic white tee and patchwork denim jeans or a slashed-to-the-naval crochet dress, Birkin was the epitome of I-woke-up-like-this glamour during her rise to fame as one half of pop culture’s golden couple.

With one arm entwined in her love Serge Gainsbourg’s, and the other hooked through her faithful basket, Birkin took on Cannes and airport concourses with the same insouciance (and arsenal of micro hemlines).

“I buy things often, but I sleep in them for two weeks, and then they really look quite rough,” she once said, of her penchant for worn-in clothing with character. To everyone watching, she always looked perfect.

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