6 Definitive Shoe Trends Of The Last Decade

With all eco-centric eyes on the waste and sustainability issues that go hand-in-hand with the fashion industry, do we really need any more shoes?

Well, designers’ shifts in consciousness have had a direct effect on the overriding timelessness and style durability of the spring/summer 2020 shoe trends.

There is still a lot of work to be done – cue material recycling, archive upcycling and transparency on production lines. But a return to classic, well-made, go-with-everything, 24/7 shoes is what the consumer wants (as well as a good cobbler contact, to ensure they can repair rather than throw out).

When it comes to the shoe with which to update last season’s dress, it’s a case of a battle of the sandals. Will you go Grecian-goddess gladiator, ’90s toe-thong or chunky-edged flatform?

All are styles that could easily be plucked from our existing wardrobes, and equally could suffice as the only sandal in your holiday hand luggage. Leading the comfort assembly were Prada, Loewe and Louis Vuitton, with their grown-up updates on scholarly loafers.

Then, there’s the summer boot that will go with every dress we’ve ever owned. And have you heard of “shoellery”?

Yes, that’s shoes with jewellery. Save on the jewels elsewhere, because outrageously adorned ankles are now the order of the day. Here are Vogue’s six definitive shoe trends for this summer and beyond.

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