50 Cents and the Game end decade long rivalry

The Game and 50 Cents seemingly have ended their over 10 years old beef. This seems to be one of the longest standing and eventful beefs in hip hop history. Both rappers were caught at a strip club making it rain making it rain on Monday night.

The game actually picked up the mic and said “I feel no certain way. I f**k with 50. What happened, that s**t was 12 years ago, ni**as ain’t on that s**t… Ain’t nobody on that old s**t,”  in the presence of 50 Cents.

Earlier in the year The Game posted pics on his Instagram of photographs of himself and Loyd Banks, 50’s protégé hanging out together at a club in Dubai. 50 Cent reacted with a lot of animosity toward Banks for that move. But seems to me that the Game was showing that he was done with the beef back then as he is doing now.

Days ago The Game posted online that he recently started drinking Effen Vodka which is 50’s brand and he thinks it’s nice. You can see the video of their reunion below;


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