5 Trends to Watch in Modern Kitchen Technology

Our kitchens, as the heart of the home, are brimming with life. The kitchen is where we make meals, host guests, and spend time with family and friends.

It can be difficult to find time to cook at home in the hustle and bustle of modern life, but a technologically advanced kitchen will help you prioritize cooking healthy meals and creating great memories.

While the recipes are classic, modern culinary technology is elevating this household staple to new heights.

The modern kitchen is becoming more intelligent and efficient all the time, from culinary apps that can help you prepare your favorite foods with real-time instruction to touchless equipment.

Here are five modern kitchen technology trends that you should consider investing in:

1. “Zero Edge” Edge Banding

The first trend to watch for starts at the foundation of the kitchen.

When designing your kitchen, the latest trend in countertops is to have a high-gloss black edge banding, known as “zero edge” for its seamless appearance.

The smooth surface allows the kitchen to seamlessly blend into the rest of your house while enhancing the contemporary feel of modern kitchens.

This manufacturing design is accomplished via laser-guided cutting, which means that no material is wasted in the process. The result is an invisible, seamless joint that is not only stronger and more durable but also aesthetically pleasing. This is a crucial component of contemporary kitchen cabinets.

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2. Touch-To-Open Appliances

The future of kitchen aesthetics is minimalist and streamlined. No longer does a touch screen have to be limited to just your phone or tablet – now they’re on appliances in the kitchen.

Modern appliances and cabinetry are being designed with touch-to-open appliances such as pull-out pantry shelves that emerge at a simple touch rather than being opened by hand.

When you reduce the amount of moving parts in your kitchen appliances, they are not only more aesthetically pleasing but easier to maintain and less expensive to repair.

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3. Blum Tip-On and Blum Aventos Lift Systems

The Blum Tip-On and Blum Aventos Lift Systems are two technologies being brought into the kitchen cabinetry to help you in all areas of your daily life.

Designed to offer handleless kitchen cabinet doors that open with a touch, our homes will never be the same.

These two systems are an ideal solution for flat-pack furniture, allowing cabinet doors to open with minimal effort and in complete silence – but that’s not all.

With the touch of a button, the Blum Aventos Lift System lifts the cabinet doors with a touch – up and out of the way. This innovative solution makes retrieving or reaching items stored in your kitchen cabinets easier.

4. Hafele Loox Lighting

The future of kitchen lighting is sleek, modern, and inconspicuous.

Hafele’s Loox Lighting system is a dimmable LED recessed lighting system that easily adapts to your needs. No longer are kitchens stuck with harsh, bright overhead lights or bulbs that burn out too quickly.

Hafele Loox Lighting employs cutting-edge LED lighting to provide brighter, more even lighting in your kitchen that can be adjusted from warmer to cooler tones based on your mood and what you’re cooking.

Loox Lighting is simple to install in new or existing cabinets, making it an easy addition to any kitchen renovation.

5. Invisible Induction Cooktops

The transition from gas to electric cooktops was momentous. The induction cooktop is the most recent breakthrough in kitchen appliances.

Induction cooktops have made quite a stir since their first release, and it’s simple to see why. Invisacook systems, for example, utilise induction hob technology hidden just beneath the kitchen countertop to heat pots and pans straight through the countertop surface.

Induction cooktops make greater use of space, are safer than gas or electric cooktops, and are virtually invisible because they are hidden beneath the tabletop surface.

All of this means that your kitchen will look brand new for a longer period of time, making it a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.

Invest In Your Kitchen

For years, kitchens have been the focal point of our homes. With these five modern kitchen technology trends, they’re becoming more than simply a place to cook and eat – they’re also places to work and play.

There has never been a better moment to invest in a technologically advanced kitchen. From induction cooktops that heat your pots and pans through the countertop surface to invisible LED lighting systems, upgrading your kitchen has never been easier.

Invest in your home’s future with these five technology-driven trends.

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