5 Things To Know When Dressing For A Job Interview

#What You Need To Know When Dressing For A Job Interview. Before planning your interview outfit, do some research so you can dress to fit in with your future colleagues. To learn more about your potential employer’s dress code, look at the company’s website. When in doubt, ask the Human Resources contact on your interview invite about the company’s dress code and what is most appropriate to wear to an interview.Dressing For A Job Interview

When planning on your dressing for a job interview, keep the following factors in mind:

1. Dress conservatively

If the company has a formal dress code, wear one of the most conservative outfits in your wardrobe. Consider wearing a suit with pants or a skirt and opt for a darker colour like black or navy. Pair it with a dressy blouse and minimal accessories. You can also consider wearing a statement dress in a jewel tone or a dark colour like grey or black. If you opt for a statement dress, wear stockings and ensure the dress has sleeves, or add a blazer for additional coverage.

2. Little Specks Of Colour, Try To Stand Out But Do So Subtly:
When Dressing For A Job Interview

Whether you dress for a formal or business casual environment, always opt for neutrals but with little speck of colours when possible. Colours like black, grey, navy blue, white and khaki create a professional appearance without being distracting. To show visual appeal or demonstrate your creativity, try incorporating bold colours in moderation. For example, try planning a neutral outfit with a patterned shirt, a bold pair of shoes or a brightly coloured accessory.

3. Dress Smart And professional:

For a business casual office, plan to dress professionally yet less formally. Try wearing pressed slacks or a skirt with a button-down shirt, a blouse or a sweater. For additional warmth, you can add a blazer or a cardigan. If you prefer a single piece, consider wearing a simple knee-length dress with stockings. Try to avoid jeans or T-shirts, as they appear overly casual.

What To Know When Dressing For A Job Interview

4. Choose a professional handbag or briefcase

Choose your purse carefully and select for one that is sleek and professional. Select a handbag in a darker colour like black or brown, and if you pick leather, choose one that matches your shoes or other leather accessories. If you are planning to bring copies of your resume, portfolio or other documents to the interview, make sure they fit neatly inside. To protect documents, consider bringing a briefcase instead of a handbag.

5. Wear Work Smart Footwear:

Always finish your interview attire with footwear that adheres to the dress code. For a formal or business casual setting, opt for low heels or leather flats. For a casual work environment, opt for stylish flats or fashion sneakers. Make sure your footwear is clean and in good condition, no matter the dress code.Photo Credit: Getty

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