5 Stunning Blue Mini Gowns Perfect For The Work Place

It’s another working week and you’re short of ideas on how to bring your fashion A-game to the table, then these 5 stunning Blue mini gowns are perfect just for you.

Blue Mini Gowns
Blue Mini Gowns

You just have to rock as a KOKOnista fashionista that you’re, ain’t nobody can step and match your game if you follow our fashion advise and routines.

Pick up on these styles and rush to your fashion stylist/tailor to give you the stunning peng look in step in and leave everyone blue away with your air of style, class and sophistication.

  1. Slay in this Overlapping Straight Gown:
  2. Air Charisma In an A-line Gown, snatched with A Waist-Belt:
  3. Rocking A Princess Seam Gown: 
  4. Shirt Dress- Slay To Work In This Nursing Mother Outfit:
  5. Simple Work Gown:Photo Credit: Getty
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