5 Signs She Is Interested In You

5 Signs She Is Interested In You

When she in interested in you, she will give you hints. Although some women are courageous nowadays and ask out the man they like, not all women have the courage to do this.

Most of the women are scared of being shamed so they are scared to speak.

5 Signs She Is Interested In You

Some ladies are also scared to confess because they do not want to spoil the relationship between you two.

However if she gives you these signs below and you are interested in her, you should consider confessing as fast as possible.

5 Signs She Is Interested In You

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Women tend to overthink a lot and a change in your relationship could lead to different scenarios running around her head.

Below are 5 signs she is interested in you:

1. Avoid Eye Contact:

Whenever you two are having a conversation, she tries as much as possible to avoid making eye contact with you. This is because she is scared you might figure out her interest in you.

2. She talks more when around you than when around others:

Women tend to talk a lot when around the ones they like. If she is the quiet type but talks a lot when she is around you, it means she feels comfortable with you.

3: Inquires About Your Personal Life:

Another thing women do when they are interested in you is to inquire about your personal life. She doesn’t get tired of you talking and would always want to hear you talk about what happened , your past, your family and so on.

4. She always text first:

Although there is no laid rule on who should text first but when a woman constantly chats you up first, sh is probably interested in you.

5. Sends you her picture without asking:

5 Signs She Is Interested In You

Women love to get compliments from the one they like. So if she sends you random pictures of her, she is probably interested in you and look towards building a good relationship.

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