Most Nigerians grew up on black tea; the most popular brand being lipton. While black tea is nice, green tea is even better. Here are five amazing reasons to sip some green tea goodness today.


1 – Green tea contains the highest quantity of antioxidant of all teas and has been shown in human population studies to reduce the risk of cancer amongst those who regularly drink it. Don’t believe us? Just check out the life expectancy statistics of Asians.


2 – Green tea helps slow down the ageing process and decreases your chances of suffering Alzheimer’s disease.


3 – Green tea helps reduce fasting blood glucose levels.


4 – Green tea helps the body burn fat faster by boosting the body’s metabolic rate.


5- Green tea contains L- thiamine which works with caffeine to improve brain function.


Get your copper! If the taste puts you off, add a squeeze of honey to help it along.


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