The transgender community is a rare one in Nigeria but there are few who are bold enough to go through sexual change operations or feel they are not good enough to be who they are so they make up like women.
1. Stephanie Rose: Born as Dapo Adaralegbe  and now known as Stephanie Adaralegbe or Stephanie Rose. She was a man who schooled at the Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria. According to Dapo, who attended OAU from 1995 to 2001, he was expelled from the university over his identity crisis. He traveled to Europe where he underwent extensive surgery to become Stephanie Rose.
2. Noni Salma Lawal: Formerly known as Habeeb Babatunde Lawal, a young Nigerian entertainment journalist, she is now known as Noni Salma Lawal. Noni’s sex-change operation is one of the most recent we have heard about in Nigeria. She graduated from the University of Lagos, Nigeria with Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts.
3. Bisi Alimi: When Bisi Alimi Nigeria’s most popular gay rights activist, first posted this picture online, many thought he had undergone a sex-change operation. However it was later revealed that it was just make up and dress up.
4. Mandy la Candy:
While the name, might be really corny, there has been unconfirmed rumors of Nigerian man who underwent a sex-change operation in Canada. Ms. Mandy La Candy is said to be a popular Nigerian transgender based in Canada formerly known as Mr Okwudili.
5. Miss Sahhara: Now known as Miss Sahhara, she was originally born Clifford Oche, from Benue state, Nigeria. A student of Benue state university. In 2011, She became the first Nigerian transgender woman to come out publicly on international press during the Miss International Queen beauty pageant in Pattaya, Thailand.
Miss Sahhara is almost always in the eye of controversy. In March 2016, she partnered with Aleika Barros, Miss Trans Universe 2015 and other transgender beauty queens to raise awareness for transgender community all around the world through a campaign titled ‘I am Trans and I have the Right to Life’.
What truly is your opinion why do people go through these phases in their life’s,  please slide in your comments below.
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