5 African Themed Hairstyle Inspirations To Try This Weekend

The 5 Iconic Black Hairstyles That Are Totally Trending in 2021.

Africa is not only blessed with rich natural resources, we also have our black color to boast of and that has been our greatest pride for centuries now.

But there has been an unsung but visible part of our identity that has seen some kind of evolution from the early 50’s to now and that’s the “HAIRSTYLE” which has been synonymous to the black race.

For centuries black communities around the world have created hairstyles that are uniquely their own and a lot of celebrities have championed and embraced these hairstyles which have different significant meanings to them.

There are notably a quite number of Black Iconic Hairstyles out there but we would be focusing on 3 major hairstyles that cuts across the African continent and are loved by many.

In our subsequent hairstyle edition we would be taking a look at more recent millennials hairstyles that have come to stay such as the famous Rihanna asymmetrical bob hairstyle.

  • Cornrow Or Braid 

This is a very popular African girls hairstyles. It represents how cornfields look like with rows in between the corn crops.

These type of braids have served many purposes, from an everyday convenience to a more elaborate adornment meant for special occasions.

This hairstyle are mostly appreciated during summer and women in late 20s and 30s would look perfect in these hairstyle.

The cornrow is an all-round occasion kind of hairstyle from the office, to a time out with friends or even a friends wedding/engagement etc.


  • Bantu Knots

    Popularly known in America as Bantu Knots, popularly known in UK as China Bumps. However, contrary to what foreigners would believe and have previously read, it is not referred to as Bantu Knots in Africa.

  • In fact across our continent, the hairstyle which is so common in all countries hasn’t got a particular general name, but commonly known as bantu.

    The hairstyle is executed in many ways, the most common is having small afro puffs pulled in segments.

  • Another way is having your braids coiled up in buns. In Ghana here, the hairstyle is popularly known as Nteku Nteku, although it is not a very popular hairdo in Ghana. See them below referenced from previous articles.


the dreadlock is one of the most popular African hairstyles to date, you can try the dreadlocks look during the cold season and we would suggest that women who are in their 30s are more suitable for this kind of look and the dreadlock is suitable for any face shape. Try this African hairstyle with a short quirky dress for any kind of party.



  • Natural Hair

One of the most commonly known hairstyles which have gained prominence in the last decade is the natural hairstyle which has got a lot more women appreciating their God-given hair from birth.

This hairstyle doesn’t come easy to take care of or maintain as it requires some level of work that goes into realizing the natural hair and must be followed through religiously but once you are able to master the fine art of getting that perfect natural hair trust us you would love the result which would be your greatest weapon.

It has been said that this hairstyle is suitable for women in their 50s but women of all ages are now embracing the craze for Natural Hair, it can be worn any time of the year and season women with different face shape can wear this hairstyle.

Perfect with mostly traditional outfits for festive seasons.


Short Hair

The short hair has been referred to as an androgynous look, but that is with every other race of women except black women.

With afro hair, African women have very much feminized short hair just as much as it is manly, and moreover it has never seen its way out of fashion, especially in this era of social media.

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