4 Top Fashion Trends That Should Be In Your Closet In 2021

2021 will indeed be a year to remember as it brought a lot of fashion trends that will definitely have people turning twice, The good kind of turning twice though.

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This fashionable clothes have to be in your closet before the end of this year if you are indeed a fashion god;

1. Bucket Cap


Bucket came into trends during the pandemics but never really stick until early this year and it seems its here to stay.

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So if you don’t have one of this, its not still late! 2021 hasn’t ended yet.

2. Bomper Jacket

Bomper jacket is not actually a new trend but it became a random thing for girls this 2021.

3. Crop Sweater Top

This sweater crop is just so cool, shows offs that flat tummy in the process of slaying.

4. Combat Trousers

Combat trousers is actually a unisex wear, and it looks good on both sex actually.

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