3 Most Fashionable Female Celebrities Of The Year

This year we had a lot of amazing fashion ideas that was indeed mind blowing and also trending clothing styles.

Starting from nude lace, to velvet and lots more than trended this year.

Celebrities as usual have a way of making things look very unique and appealing to the eye.

As much as we love the way they all dress, there will of course be some that stand out amongst all.

Here are our top 5 most fashionable female celebrities of the year;

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1. Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo ojo always seem to look fabulous in anything she wears, she never seems to disappoint in that department.

2. Nancy Isime

Nancy always look sweet no matter what she wears, this year fashion sense was indeed amazing! We look forward to more.

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3. Mercy Eke

Mercy Eke A.K.A Lamborghini mercy, of a truth she is as classy as a Lamborghini, this year was indeed good.


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