2023 elections: “Nigerians Please HIRE who you can FIRE”– Ime Bishop advices

Imeh Bishop

Imeh Bishop, also known as Okon Lagos in Nollywood, has urged Nigerians to choose the right president in the impending 2023 elections.

On his Instagram page, Okon Lagos, who has publicly expressed his support for Peter Gregory Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, gave Nigerians the advice to hire people they can fire.

Okon Lagos argues that removing Peter Obi from power is easier than removing the other candidates from the People’s Democratic Party and the All Progressive Congress if he doesn’t do well. He urged everyone to vote thoughtfully.

He wrote: “Nigerians Please HIRE who you can FIRE. It’s easier to fire OBI in the very unlikely event of bad performance. As for the other two, if dem enter, e Don be o! Another 8 wasted years of suffer like this one now!!! 25th is just here. Have sense!!!

“It is only a fool that will hire a person he can’t fire. You also cannot fire who you did not hire. please HAVE SENSE!!!”