2023 election: Skitmaker Ashmusy reveals what she expects from President-elect, Tinubu’s supporters


Popular TikToker and skit creator, Amarachi Amusi, popularly known as Ashmusy recently revealed her thoughts on the election in a post.

She emphasized the necessity for the country’s incoming president, Tinubu, to improve Nigeria.

Ashmusy claimed that several voters appeared to have taken the election personally, particularly when selecting a candidate.

The TikToker, however, argues that the yearning for a better Nigeria, not personal preferences, was the driving force for the election.

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The TikToker then spoke to APC supporters, pleading with them to not take the outcome personally and to instead ask their new president to concentrate on improving Nigeria for all.

Ashmusy referenced the killings of youths in October 2020 owing to the ENDSARS, stating that Nigerians are tired of same circle of old men running the country constantly.

But, the Skitmaker claimed that the struggle was for a better Nigeria, not for a certain candidate.

She wrote:

“I’m not sure some people took the election personal…Like choosing peter obi was a personal thing…as if it was about his looks or tri#be or something personal.

“It was freaking about desperately wanting a batter Nigeria! Don’t you get it? We didn’t want the same circle of old men ruling us over and over, with all they have put us through…with the young starts that died in October 2020 and many more

“The fight was for a better Nigeria, not Mr. peter APC lovers be thinking it’s personal. So Bro. Sis, if Tinubu ends up leading us for the next four years, go on your knees and beg him to make Nigeria better for us; that is all we want.”

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