2023 election: Samuel Jemitalo gives reason why he respects Toyin Abraham, Eniola Badmus


Nollywood actor, Samuel Jemitalo whas hailed hus colleagues Toyin Abraham and Eniola Badmus for ‘standing their ground’ for their preferred candidate in the election.

Samuel promised that many celebrities only care about eye service and don’t want Nigeria to advance. According to him, many people supported OBI because they didn’t want to lose their fans.

He thinks that only Psquare truly loved Peter Obi; the other groups supported him out of a fear of losing their supporters.

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He pointed out that because they are already successful, prominent musicians like Wizkid, Burna Boy, Davido, etc., don’t support any political party or candidate.

The actor acknowledged his admiration for Toyin Abraham, Eniola Badmus, and those who supported Tinubu without fear of criticism.

He used himself as an example, stating that because he believes Nigeria will never improve, he didn’t try to conceal his dislike of Atiku and didn’t support either Tinubu or Obi.

He wrote:

“Let it be clear to you all that no celebrity wants the progress of Nigeria, all they do is eye service. Many supported OBI because they don’t want to loose followers, apart from genuine few like Psquare while.otgers posted OBI on their Page just for fear of loosing Followers.

People like Davido, Wizkid, Burna Boy etc, didn’t post #Obidients because they are at the height where they fear no fall anymore.

The true humans I respected are the likes of @toyin_abraham @eniolabadmus etc.

They stood their grounds on who they believed in TINUBU and APC. They never cared if they will loose followers. I never this my detest for ATIKU. I never supported PETER OBI or TINUBU but I was in support of a southern President, that power just shift to the SOUTH. I wasn’t following the bandwagon that I must support OBI so as to please my followers. NO

I just wanted OBI or TINUBU there. But for this Lagos own, God forbid me supporting SANWO OLU that killed the future of many Nigerians during #ENDSARS.

I know Nigeria will never get better till the world ends, because the people coming into power, came in through VIOLENCE.

How can a country get better when Devil’s are in charge. (Nigerians think).

(Nigeria is destined for doom).”


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