If you study highly successful people, you will find that they share many of the same habits and principles. The kind of successful individuals I am referring to are not necessary millionaires, but they may be. I say this because some millionaires are not successful in who they are as a person. Then there are those who may not be wealthy financially, but they are rich in who they are as a human being.
The criteria I use to classify a person as being successful are the quality of their daily life, the strength of their character, and the measure of their contribution to others.
Here are 20 Habits of Successful People.
1. They are early risers. They have discovered the advantages of getting an early start on the day. They know that by getting up early, they can use this quiet time to meditate, plan their day, and work on important projects without interruptions. They also know that by rising early they get uncrowded access to almost any public facility including restaurants, grocery stories, and vehicle repair shops.
2. They exercise 5 to 7 days a week. They do resistance and strength training at a fitness club or at their house using a home gym. They also do aerobic exercise using machines at a health club or by jogging or power walking in their neighborhood. They are motivated to do these things by the health benefits, increased energy, elevated mood, and heightened confidence they enjoy.
3. They maintain a healthy diet. They do this by learning about healthy and unhealthy foods and ignoring enticing and often misleading advertising. They are motivated to do these things by the extensive array of health benefits they gain and the ability to maintain their ideal weight.
4. Successful people maintain their proper body weight. They regularity check their weight. If they find that they have put on some extra pounds, they take action to lose weight. They establish goals by determining their perfect weight based on a body weight chart (readily available on the Internet). They are motivated to do these things by the profound health benefits, the way they look, and the ability to wear the clothes they want including those great fitting jeans!
5. They are able to get themselves to take action even when they do not feel like it. They understand that once they force themselves to get started, they will build up the momentum to complete the task. Rather than trying to talk themselves into doing something, they just do it without considering any excuses for backing out. They are inspired to do these things because they know that motivation follows action and not the other way around.
6. They plan their day, week, month, year, and life in advance by establishing goals and the steps needed to achieve them. Successful people don’t look at this activity as a complicated chore but rather as a process that makes it easier for them to get what they want. They are motivated to do these things because they can accomplish more in less time, it keeps them on course, and it ensures that they will remember important matters like calling their significant other, child, parent, or friend on their special day.
7. They maintain a positive attitude. They do this by keeping their thoughts focused on what they want and not on what they do not want. Whether they know it or not they are practicing the Law of Attraction. In the simplest terms, they are motivated to do this because they know that thoughts about “what they want” keep them motivated and thoughts about “what they do not want” keep them depressed. The result is that they attract into their lives what they think about the most.
8. Successful people keep their thoughts in the present. This allows them to absorb more of what is before them and have greater influence on a positive outcome. This habit also provides them with the ability to be a superior listener. They are motivated to do this because they understand that the present moment is where all their enjoyment and power in the life reside ides.
9. They are courageous. They are not without fear. In fact, they experience much more than most people. This is because they do what they need to do to reach their goals in spite of their fear, which most people are unwilling to do. They understand that courage is not the absence of fear; it’s the ability to go forward anyway even though you’re afraid. They are motivated to do these things by the exhilaration they feel after facing their fear and accomplishing their objective.
10. They don’t waste their time with mindless activities like watching hours of moronic television shows including so-called reality programs. They may watch educational programs on health, science, history, biography, and an occasional high quality movie or 30-minute comedy show. They are motivated to do these things because they know they can enrich themselves by viewing certain programs and mentally pollute themselves by watching everything else.
11. They watch and read an extremely limited amount of news. They may quickly survey the headlines once a day and zero in on stories of interest to them, but they filter out all the rest. They know that almost all of the news is bad, often sensationalized, and even hypothetical, which is amazing. Hypothetical because the news media often “fills” large portions of their broadcasts with projections and theories on what they or some so-called “expert” believes “might” happen in the future! Successful people are motivated to avoid the news because they know that they are not flooding their minds with negative messages, images, and outcomes.
12. Successful people are constantly feeding their minds with new and inspirational ideas for improving themselves by reading and listening to self improvement books and CD’s. They also attend seminars put on by authors and other personal growth experts for the added benefit of direct learning and meeting other like-minded people. They do these things to strengthen their ability to reach their potential and enrich their lives.
13. They are continually expanding their knowledge and experience base. If they have an opportunity to go to college, take a class, or attend a workshop, they take it! If they receive a request to teach a class, write an article, or deliver a speech, they do it. They are motivated to do these things because they know it will help them develop their skills and abilities in ways that go beyond the assignment that they are taking on.
14. They do not allow their ego to control them. They remain humble and level-headed regardless of how successful and powerful they become. They understand that the ego is a negative emotion. They are motivated to do these things by their desire to be a person of strength, character, and conviction.
15. They manage their money and other financial matters carefully. They gain the knowledge required to understand their finances so that they know what is going on even if they entrust certain money matters to various professionals. They are also frugal in their purchase decisions and lifestyle. They are motivated to do these things to have financial security and freedom.
16. Successful people decide what they want to accomplish and then they go do it. They don’t allow negative thoughts, second guessing, or other people to talk them out it. They just keep moving forward until they reach their chosen destination. They are inspired to do these things because they know it works!
17. They complete any job, project, or task with excellence. They begin by considering the most efficient way of completing it. Then they carefully and methodically proceed through each step until it is finished in an excellent manner. They are motivated to do these things because they know that every job, large or small, is a reflection of them.
18. They people know how to be compassionate to those in need. They have the ability to put themselves in the place of another person who hasn’t found their way, gotten off track, or is going through a tough time due reasons outside their control. They are motivated to do these things because they can easily recall their own challenges and difficult periods.
19. They are loyal to their friends. And they follow the rules of friendship. They pick their friends wisely and avoid associations that are incongruent with their principles. They are motivated to do these things because they know that true friends make the good times better and the bad times bearable.
20. Successful people know how to love unconditionally and without measure of what they expect to receive in return. They are inspired to do these things because they know that love is the fuel for all things that are good.
Sebastiane Ebatamehi

I am a Writer and Online Publicist, destined to give a voice to the silent echoes and hush whispers that are seldom heard